Somerset Supports Ukraine hands over to CHARIS

SSU is delighted to announce that having worked closely with CHARIS since SSU was set up, CHARIS has now agreed to take forward the work we have been doing across Somerset. With their wealth of knowledge and delivery experience CHARIS will ensure that Ukrainians across the county continue to receive the support that they need.

In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine SSU was set up to raise money and distribute it across Somerset to benefit Ukrainian refugees arriving in Somerset. Thanks to our many generous donors SSU has been able to make a real difference. We have funded in-person English language programs at locations across Somerset and we also worked with Bath University to deliver online lessons to reach those who had difficulty attending classes.

SSU has helped fund activity weekends away for Ukrainian mothers and children because meeting other families and having access to the countryside can make a positive difference to mental health.  With mental health in mind SSU has also funded counselling and social events, all of which contribute to the wellbeing of Ukrainians making a home in Somerset. Over time needs change and to this end SSU has worked with local authorities and organisations to arrange deposits and funding for furniture to allow more Ukrainians to move into independent rented accommodation.

“I am delighted that CHARIS has agreed to take over the work started by SSU, and as a new CHARIS Trustee I look forward to continuing to play a part in welcoming Ukrainian refugees to Somerset and supporting them as they build a life here.”

Annie Maw, founder

Please visit CHARIS website to learn more about the great work they are carrying out across Somerset. SSU will no longer be providing funding or responding to queries, however CHARIS will continue to provide support to Ukrainians and their sponsors through the network of Welcome Hubs across the county.