500 DAYS of WAR

On Saturday, 8 July, it was exactly 500 days since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the territory of a neighbouring, independent country by Russian troops. 500 days of murder, torture, and abuse on the territory of Ukraine. In fact, even one day of war is one day of real hell. It is hard to even imagine what it means to be in it for 500 days.
Since April 2022, England has taken in many Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war. Most of them were women and children, who did not believe that all this was happening in reality and were confident that they would be able to return home in 2-3 months. "2-3 months is 56-84 days... Instead, we have 500 days... And they still hope to return... Our task is to ensure the safety of Ukrainian families here in Somerset. And to help them maintain a comfortable standard of living. Thank you to everyone who helps SSU do this to the best of their ability.