In November Vika and Lucy from SSU visited Bruton hub. It was great to see so much activity at the hub and to get the chance to discuss some of the important issues they are helping with. One of the key challenges for Ukrainians in Somerset is the search for accommodation. In many parts of Somerset it is difficult to find suitable housing because the supply of rental properties is limited and the costs are often high. Families will also need to pay a deposit, provide some assurances that they can cover the rent for a minimum term and equip the rented housing with furniture and appliances. All these problems require solutions and entail significant costs. Another issue that we discussed is the impact of lack of public transport for people who would be happy to work but need to be provided with transport. While some Ukrainians do have a car they may also struggle to exchange their licence for a UK one – we have provided some guidance on this. Team SSU hopes that we can be helpful in working with Bruton Hub and other organisations in addressing these issues.