It is no secret that Ukrainians in England have a hard time finding the information they need. This is due to many factors - but the lack of language skills and the lack of transparency of information resources, while not the only ones, are among the most important on this list.
Currently, the SSU helps Ukrainians not only by transferring funds to organisations that support them. We also maintain close communication with many British citizens who are periodically engaged by members of the SSU team to address certain issues facing Ukrainians in the UK.
In particular, thanks to our Trustee Annie Maw and her contact with Jane White, who is a professor of mathematics at the University of Bath, two future students, Yevhen and Lera from Bruton, are being taken care of by Stef Gan from the University of Bath Admissions Office, so they should receive full information about admission and help with the necessary documents.
Jane White also provided informational counseling to Ukrainian Halyna, who is a mathematician by education. Also, thanks to Jane's contacts, RUH provided employment counseling to Victoria and Iryna, who are pharmacists.
Therefore, we have a positive experience of how the "six handshake" rule works in the case of the SSU team at Annie Maw in particular.