Our Mission

How will Somerset Supports Ukraine be able to help?

We will raise money to support the ongoing work of charities and other organisations in Somerset, allowing them to increase their capacity and build on their experience. We have seen the expertise, compassion and commitment of these organisations and believe that the best way to support the humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine is to enable them to do more.

We will bring together a grants committee to allocate resources fairly across Somerset to try to make sure that all those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine can find a welcome and the help that they need in Somerset.

We will help to support information sharing across Somerset’s network of charities to ensure we understand how and where we can help in an effective and timely way.

What are the wider benefits of supporting displaced people through SSU?

There is often a concern that displaced people or refugees will in some way affect the locality to which they move but our experience is that working with voluntary and community groups transforms the lives of not only those in immediate need of help, but also enriches the lives of the volunteers. It helps to build our local communities and gives them a renewed sense of purpose and cohesion and builds capacity and resilience.