The challenge

We know there are already around 3000 displaced people from Ukraine living within the ancient borders of Somerset, including the local unitary authorities of Somerset CC, Bath & NE Somerset and North Somerset, supported by some outstanding charities and community groups.

The generosity of local people in providing homes is extraordinary but people who suddenly have to move from their own country have multiple complex needs. We have been told by local charities and groups that they need extra money to:

  • provide support with accommodation, from accessing appropriate and safe housing through to funding necessities

  • provide support to refugees in accessing appropriate healthcare, managing the state benefits system and finding employment

  • provide support to ensure every displaced child can find an appropriate place in our education system, from primary to university

  • ensure access to English language teaching and understanding of the culture to become part of the community

  • help dealing with the inevitable trauma and stress of enforced relocation by addressing their mental health needs

  • provide links to others in the same position, preferably in person but at least online

  • help to enable communication with family and friends in Ukraine or those displaced elsewhere

If you are a charity seeking help please see our grants policy.